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Our Story


Who knew that a random date in May on the seafront in Bray would have ended up this way? I didn't mean for that to be a short poem.

We met on a lovely sunny day for some drinks we did not have much to drink that day. We were far to busy talking and laughing and enjoying each other's company. What started as a simple date getting to know one another turned into sharing many wonderful moments together as a couple. 

From an amazing few days spent visiting the Amalfi Coast to a rare sunny weekend away in Edinburgh and a cold Christmas weekend in Galway, and getting to meet each other friends and family our journey has been full of laughter and love. We are looking forward to sharing many more adventures and are especially looking forward to our honeymoon to Bali.

Yes, that is us wearing Spiderman T-shirts and having pizza and a beer on the side of the road in Napoli and was probably the best pizza we have ever had. 

Now, we're ready to take the biggest adventure yet – marriage! We can't wait to celebrate this special day with all our favourite people.

Thanks for being part of our story!

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